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The last show I watched with subtitles was the Bodyguard because I had trouble understanding the English accents. I am deeply in need of some culture!

We enjoyed Atypical, which is a solid sitcom which dealt with the spectrum. We also watched Love on the Spectrum, which seemed to exploit the condition for entertainment purposes. Our current favorite show is The Patient on Hulu, and Inkmaster is our current guilty pleasure.

My Rachel Baiman song of the week is Never Tire of the Road, which has been going through my head since listening to it during my hike yesterday.

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I want to check this one out! And yes, representation is tricky. It's usually better when storytellers represent communities they're part of themselves, but that's not sustainable as a rule—it makes creators with marginalized identities solely responsible for representing themselves and absolves other creators of developing the empathy and understanding necessary to represent anyone but their own identities.

I watched the new A League of Their Own tv show recently and was pretty blown away at how they told stories about being queer, being assigned female, being an immigrant, and being black that were deeply empathetic, complicated, and centered on joy. Most of the main characters are marginalized in at least one of those ways, and many in multiple ways. And because they're main characters they get to be imperfect, and sometimes deeply problematic, which is a real tightrope walk when you're representing marginalized identities.

Then there's the new lord of the rings show, which endeavors to have racially diverse casting... At its best it's lazy and boring and at its worst it's trying to make allegories for real world issues that the writers are too clumsy to pull off. Which is a shame because I love LOTR want to defend it from all the bad faith racists who are complaining about black elves or whatever.

I'm curious about the writers' room for Woo. Are their autistic writers there? Do they consult autistic folks? Either way I'm interested in checking out the show and will put it on the list.

Pleasure visiting your patisserie!

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Thanks so much for this thoughtful comment Cameron! I think I’m going to start a thread about this because I have been thinking a *lot* about what characters one Is allowed to write - it’s really tricky!

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