Rachel-- have you met Dan Bern? He has written 12,000 songs. I said to him once last month that I read he had written 1,000 songs, according to the press and he said that was a long time ago.

Possibly he has written one song, with 12,000 parts.

I am the promoter doing Dan Bern and Rachel Baiman back to back, Oct 8 and 10. Four miles apart.

I did make a little speech at a recent show about graphic design "kerning" which I said was a thing designers did before computers and Adobe to look at three letters in isolation, out of context of the word. Like it the word WRITER, you look at w r I then you look at r I t then you look at I t e then you look at t e r. (to check the printing design...)

I said coming to a concert series you should think about the show in context of the one before and the one coming up.

See you, in Palo Alto at the beautiful Johnson Park in 37 days.

Adding kiwi to my yogurt parfait for no apparent reason

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Ram Dass headass

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I’m proud of both you and your student. That couldn’t have been easy for either of you and it sounds like you both had a significant, if bumpy learning experience. Being a spry 70 year old I can relate to his stubbornness and I admire his drive. (I wonder if his granddaughter paints his nails?).

Your classes are fun and motivational. While I haven’t sat down to write another song I’m developing a pretty big list of ideas that tend to pour out with a beer at my local pub.

Stay safe.

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