Nov 21, 2022Liked by Rachel Baiman

Love the 4 levels.....and honest sharing of feelings when creating art vs marketing that art. Doing good in this world ...in your career case - creating amazing art through words and music ..and mine first through politics and now helping a non profit build homes that are affordable ....requires sustainability. There will not likely be another album unless you earn or otherwise find resources to sustain the work. For me ..yes ...the spaces are in part a hierarchy or scale ...but largely it’s a Grey mix. The doing good for others feels amazing, but it’s ok to celebrate and feel good about sustaining that work as long as the marketing, pitch or sales are truthful, and intended to benefit the end user . Your music has amazing positive power, it’s ok to feel good when you get that in someone’s ears ..and they invest $$$ which helps sustain the next song or chance to reach the next set of ears. It’s also fine that making it is more fun. For many, not just artists..the creative part is just more fun.

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