cool grandma

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I flew in the 30 year old Mexican guitarist, Jhoely Garay for a type of residency; opening for Tuck & Patti; opening for Will Bernard Beth Custer duo, with a trio as leader hit at Lytton Plaza very much like your show here with hubby hubby recently.

Then a seven piece Native American reggae band Innastate pops up at 8 pm, back at the plaza. I am paying them a guarantee plus a hotel room that apparently sleeps seven reggae musicians in three beds better than their van does.

I guess October 10 at Johnson Park preceded by pop up a Lytton Plaza qualifies you for the rare title of “Earthwise residency”— a bit of a contradiction in terms, since it involved so much driving; or as Hemingway one said: isn’t it pretty to think so?

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