The funeral home in American Gods was in Cairo.

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Kismet, Rachel. I played Cairo, IL by Natalie Hemby on my AMP streaming radio show today. Replays are now available in app.

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Three points:

1) i was born in chicago, south side but moved to cali age 4;

2) my best friend BEM is from Boston area but moved to Southern Illinois for a job at the med school; i sent him a picture of Walt Clyde Frazer 34 but the med school is in Springfield not Carbondale and people there root Illinii not salukis.

3) a rich kid from sunday school age 10 —six years after i arrived from Chicago— stood up in front of the school and sang “If I Were A Rich MAN “ kind of nailed it. Forty years later, he’s governor of Illinois.

See you in october, under an oak tree, on a grassy knoll.

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